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About my work....

My goal is to create photographs so compelling that they capture the attention of people searching for the perfect home.  Properties I shoot stand out from the competition on MLS webpages because they look more interesting, attractive, and comfortable than all the rest.   That's a powerful advantage for the listing agent, drawing more hopeful homebuyers to those properties, increasing the chances of a full price offer and quick sale.


To achieve superior results, I use a combination of new techniques, meticulous digital processing, and artistically designed compositions.  I search each property for its best features, then create photographs showing the beauty, quality, and uniqueness it offers.  The key difference is that my final images contain detail in both the darkest shadows and brightest highlights.  That's lacking in most real estate pictures.  With such careful attention to lighting, my photographs look natural - both in brightness and color balance.  Check the samples here to see the difference.


No camera, no matter how expensive, can produce pictures with full detail in both bright highlights and dark shadows in a single frame, unless elaborate and expensive lighting equipment is used.  On-camera flash attachments produce a painfully harsh unnatural look.  Ordinary consumer cameras used for random quick snapshots inevitably conceal the best attributes of desirable properties.  Relying on those methods, resulting in unappealing and confusing pictures of expensive homes, is false economy.  I am pleased to offer a cost effective upgrade. 


My method is based on shooting a series of frames at varied exposure settings, properly exposing both the brightest and darkest parts of each scene in sequence.  That's done using only the light available from outdoors, installed lighting, and lamps.  I usually shoot at least 4 frames, sometimes 8 or more.


Then, using advanced imaging software, the frames from that series are merged into a single digital file, preserving detail in the both the highlight and shadow areas.  Further refinements of exposure and color balance, plus other subtle adjustments, are applied using two separate programs, resulting in a final image that faithfully captures the look - and feel - of each home.  

The listing agent receives the final images sized precisely for MLS website display, providing optimal image quality and quick download speed.  Digital files are delivered by email in a zip file, usually within 48 hours of completion of the shoot.  Larger files for flyers and other print publishing are always available by request at no extra cost, if needed.


I want my real estate photographs to accurately show each property, relying on properly exposed shadows and highlights to allow viewers to truly see each room, rather than have to guess what's hidden in darkness or bright glare.   More important, I strive to create images which inspire an emotional reaction for the people scanning the MLS pages looking for something better than the rest.   Great photographs go a long way to attracting them to your listing.  Let me help you seize this powerful advantage!

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