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Most shoots will cost $150-$400, depending on the number of images the agent requests, and partly on the size and complexity of the home, special or unusual features, outbuildings, pools, landscaping, natural features, etc.  A shoot will take 3-5 hours on site.  Finished files are delivered by email within 48 hours, except over weekends.  Invoices are emailed soon after.  Payment is due within 10 days of invoicing.


Before every shoot, I always ask agents for their priorities on what assets or features they consider most significant, in order to reinforce their written description of the property. I don't "document" a property, but instead I look carefully for compositions which show the distinctive character and beauty of each home.  My goal is to convey how a home feels, revealing its "essence".  Quality of light is the most important factor in achieving that goal.  I rely entirely on available light for a natural look, never use flash. This ensures that my images show homes as they actually are.   


Besides the basic views, I make an effort to convey a sense of each home's floorplan - the relationship between rooms.  I rarely shoot every bedroom and bathroom.  Instead I add photos that convey the character and charm of the home and property, particularly architectural design, quality features, expansive windows, and outdoor living spaces.  Kitchens in particular tend to deserve extra views.  When I'm asked for a larger number of images, I often include one or two important detail views when that helps to show quality or distinctive design.  

For agents new to my service, here are some "package" options to consider:



8-10 photographs of the key rooms and features, or whatever emphasis the agent needs.  Depending on the property, that's usually one photo each of front exterior, living room, dining room, one bedroom, one bathroom and two of the kitchen, plus one architectural style or detail, and some other obvious highlight.  This is often the best choice for small and modest homes.  It's also the most cost effective option to make your listing sparkle with beauty and appeal.  You will be surprised by how well I convey a clear and appealing sense of a home with just 10 photographs.  Fee is usually $150 unless the home is over-furnished, or excessively cluttered.



The most beautiful, evocative, compelling, and artfully composed photographs I can find, indoors and out, to make a home stand out from the crowd on MLS websites, regardless of the list price of the property.  I shoot what inspires me about a home, from unique architectural design, to special features and luxury details, to  beautiful natural light creating rich moods indoors and out.  Fee: $250 for vacant homes, $275 for occupied.    



20 - 25 carefully composed photographs showing most but not necessarily all rooms and features of a property.  I concentrate on finding the distinctive parts of a home, with overall views and detail images, indoors and out, to convey the unique character and appeal of the property.  Kitchens, living rooms, open indoor spaces, and exteriors are shot multiple ways.  


Minimum fee $275 for vacant homes, more if occupied or staged. A fee estimate is provided in advance, based on answers to questions I will ask about the property when you call.  My estimate specifies my minimum and maximum fee for what's requested, the final fee is usually near the midpoint of that range.  Price will be higher if agent specifically requires 30 photographs. 



Shoot fees are harder to estimate for luxury homes and any property with dramatic architecture, an abundance of unique and beautiful details, special purpose rooms, complex outdoor living space, multiple outbuildings, elaborate landscaping, and for occupied properties with abundant furniture and decorative items displayed.  Excessive clutter is also a cost escalator.  Outdoor views of architecturally complex properties may need multiple visits to get optimal natural lighting for building exteriors or land.  For all these, the end cost would be higher, and my estimated range would be wider, than the comprehensive shoot.  Typical fee $375 - $500, but potentially more based on specifics of the property.   


Such properties often warrant more than 30 images, giving the agent a wider variety to choose from for the maximum 30 images for MLS websites, if desired.  On the other hand, expensive luxury homes can also be shot as "highlights only" if the agent wants just a small number of photographs, as was the case with the porch photo at left.  



With over 3 decades of experience photographing wilderness landscapes and nature for publication, I know that light is the most important element for shooting land.  That's why I excel at photographing undeveloped property. It starts with choosing the optimum shoot time for the best sun position.  Then - as always - I study the property for the very best places to put the camera.  My multiple frame technique enables images which are simply not possible any other way.  Most ordinary lots up to two acres would cost $125-$150 for 4-6 images.  Larger parcels higher, depending on the details.   Please call for more info.


A MINIMUM FEE of $100 applies for small and simple homes, townhouses, or undeveloped land, where only 3 or 4 images are needed.  If you just need one great "street view" image, I will gladly provide those for the $100 minimum (but then you might as well have me step inside and shoot the kitchen and living room as well).



For shoots out of the area, a small additional fee will be added for travel time.

Rental properties, including those listed on "VRBO" and "Airbnb" are also welcomed.  Fees are usually comparable to real estate shoots, please call for details.


I welcome other assignments to shoot residential or commercial property, industrial and agricultural buildings and activity, construction, engineering projects, environmental work, energy or utility facilities, development, etc.  Fees determined by the circumstances.  For relevant samples of my non-real estate work, please see my general website:

I do not offer virtual tours, video, or drone photography.  I don't do portraits or weddings.

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